Do You Need A Criminal Law Lawyer?


Do I need a lawyer if I’m charged with a crime?

Yes—you do need a lawyer if you are charged with a crime. That is, however, the short answer to our proposed question. Therefore, in this article, we are going to review the long answer to our question.

Finding a Lawyer: You Need Representation in Criminal Law

As a defendant, you need a lawyer to defend yourself if you have been charged with a crime.

In fact, most people are represented by a lawyer if they are charged with any type of crime. It is considered incredibly difficult to properly defend yourself in a court of law. It is so difficult that very few people bother to represent themselves in their case.

Against Self-Representation

Although it sounds simple to represent yourself in a court of law, it is too difficult to successfully pull it off. Even if you do read a book about criminal law, it will not prepare you for the nuances of the world of criminal law.

In other words, you cannot learn about the criminal justice system and its nuances by reading about it in a book.

One of the variables that makes criminal law so nuanced is the prosecution—otherwise the prosecutor involved with your case. The prosecutor is the lawyer who brings forth criminal charges against a suspect. Or you, in this particular case.

The volatility of the prosecution can make a relatively simple case into a complicated one. The decisions that they, the prosecution, can made often drastically alters a case, depending on the charges they served against a prospect.

Not only that, other challenges can alter the course of your case, those such as community values, pressures and politics.

All of these elements make it incredibly difficult for an individual party to represent themselves in a case—even if they are well versed in law. In order to properly and successfully navigate ‘the system,’ it is imperative to hire a criminal law lawyer to assist you.

What Criminal Law Lawyers Do For You

As mentioned, criminal law lawyers assist defendants if they find themselves at the end of being charged with a crime.

Many lawyers well versed in criminal law do more than just represent their clients in a courtroom. Plea deals, which involve negotiating with prosecutors for reduced and/or dropped charges, or lesser sentences, are also handled by criminal law lawyers.

They also help defendants properly cope with the scope of managing their case; not only do they handle all of legalities, they also provide their clients with a much needed reality check.

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